· Demographics, life time education and career/employment

Identify an older adult age 65 +, use a 1st and last initial. Execute a therapeutic assessment interview with them for at least two interview sessions assessing their self-identified: ·  Demographics, life time education and career/employment ·  Two most significant (positive) times in their lives ·  What past hardship or loss has the client successfully […]

Case study questions

Case study questions Please type out your answers.  Make sure to include the number of the question with the answer for clarity. APA is necessary as all answers require that your sources be cited.  It is ok to use sources outside of the textbook as long as they are cited. This might include sources such […]

Ethical Dilemma Presentation

Create a visually engaging 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on one of the case studies (found down below) that includes the following: Describe the ethical dilemma(s) in the case study. Identify challenges to effective communication in the case study. Describe how you would ethically communicate with this offender’s family members regarding the issue. Include a minimum of two […]

Psychology / 4 Full Pages @ Least/ Research-Supported / No Plagiarism / APA Style/ 12-Hr Turn Around

Speech and Language Development in Children: A Developmental focus (USE ONLY RESEARCH/PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLES) Sub-Titles (Please write with a developmental psychology approach) Text book for course can be downloaded but cannot be used as reference for paper Introduction Definition of Terms (Language/Speech) How language develops Language Disorder : Identification, Causes and Treatment Relationship between Language and […]

Human development for helping professionals

Please no plagiarism and make sure you are able to access all resource on your own before you bid. One of the references must come from Broderick and Blewitt (2015). I need this completed by 12/21/17 at 6pm. Moral Development Consider what you think might be the date of origin of the following quote: “Our youth now love […]

Module 04 Discussion – Discussion A/B

Group B Response Mary is not progressing in labor appropriately, and the decision has been made to move toward a cesarean section. She understands, agrees, and signs the consent for surgery. You will again accept this patient in the recovery – or initial postpartum period. Recognize that you will complete BUBBLEHE assessment. In addition, the […]

People Of Egyptian Heritage. People Of Filipino Heritage.

People of Egyptian Heritage. People of Filipino Heritage. Read chapter 13 and 28 of the class textbook.  Read content chapter 28 in Davis Plus Online Website and review the attached Power Point Presentations.  Once done answer the following questions; 1.  Discuss the evolution of the Egyptian and Filipino culture and mention any similarity with the occidental […]

Perceptions Of Aging & Baccalaureate Competencies

The competency statements can be found under each of the following:Appendix 2-A on page 29 of Ebersole & Hess’ Toward Healthy Aging (9th edition) Appendix 1-A on page 19 of Ebersole & Hess’ Toward Healthy Aging (8th edition) AACN Supplement (Resources section of the course) on pages 11-12 Please address the following: Discuss two BSN […]

New Training Manager

Part 1 (one): Discussion Post Congratulations! You’ve been promoted to be a new training manager for your department. Your first task is to train your team to use some new software. In your psychology class, you learned about two different approaches to learning 1.) Operant conditioning; 2.) Observational learning. In your discussion post, share which approach you […]


1. Please visit this website first and complete the activity: (COPY AND PASTE ON YOUR BROWSER) https://public.psych.iastate.edu/glwells/theeyewitnesstest.html 2. Which person did you pick and why? How confident were you in your answer when you picked the person out of the lineup? Why were you confident/not confident? 3. After completing the above, visit these websites and learn about Ronald Cotton. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-SBTRLoPuo […]