How to write a thesis Statement

How to write a Thesis Statement

How to write a thesis statementIf you have ever done an assignment, it is chances are that it is not the first time you are coming across the term thesis or thesis statement. Apart from essays, thesis and thesis statement can be found in many places, for instance, it can be in a debate or a speech, an advertisement, or even a lawyer’s closing statement.

When assigned with any type of essay writing assignment, a thesis statement becomes a very vital part of your essay. The thesis is so important that it must appear in the first introduction paragraph of your essay. In this article, you will learn the meaning of a thesis statement and how you can construct one for your essay.

What is a Thesis Statement?

To put it into the context of this article, think of yourself as a lawyer, who is presenting an opening argument before a jury. The members of the jury believe that the client you are presenting is either guilty or innocent. How do you plan to convince the jury?

When it comes to academic essay writing, you need to treat your readers as members of a jury. Before they delve into your essay, they need to know what your claim is in the essay. They need to know what argument you are raising and how you are planning to argue it out. Therefore, a thesis statement refers to the sentence that articulates or communicates the purpose of your essay as well as the topic of the essay.  It is the thesis statement that forms the cornerstone on which the argument develops. In other words, it is the tower of strength for your essay. It serves as a pointer to help the readers to grasp the ideas you are about to discuss in the essay.

How to Construct a Thesis Statement

Constructing a strong thesis statement has never been straightforward for every student. Many students get bogged down when trying to construct a thesis statement. This is dangerous because it means they cannot move to the next part of the essay, and it is only the beginning of the essay.

To construct a good thesis statement, keep it in mind that however long or complex your essay is, you can reduce it to a single question. This is the question you try to answer in your essay. That applies to whether your instructor has given a topic of your essay or not.

In case a topic is given, convert it into a question.

For Example: “Write an essay discussing the benefits of electronic health records in nursing”.

For such a topic, your question could be: “What are the benefits of using electronic health records in nursing practice?”

The thesis statement can read: There is a great need for health care facilities to adopt the use of Electronic health records because the technology has brought about groundbreaking advantages to the nursing practice.

Depending on the type of your essay, you need to modify your thesis to serve the purpose of that type o essay. For instance, in an argumentative essay, the purpose is to raise claims or support an opinion. For an analytical essay, the purpose would be to examine a topic and break it down for better understanding by the reader. An expository essay would intend to illustrate, teach, or expound on a topic.

To make your thesis statement strong, take a certain stand in your argument. For instance, in the above example, the writers stand is that healthcare facilities should adopt electronic health records because of their benefits.

Here are the bonus tips to consider when writing a thesis statement:

  • A thesis is not a known fact
  • Your thesis should not be a list of items
  • Avoid confronting, vague, and combative thesis statements
  • Make it an arguable claim
  • Make it clear and simple and specific
  • Anticipate arguments against your thesis and refine it
  • Always keep it in your introductory paragraph

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