How to Write a Nursing Essay Introduction

How to write a nursing essay introductonOnline Nursing Help: How to Write a Nursing Essay Introduction

In any type of academic nursing essay writing, the writer tries to convince their audience about a certain topic with arguments supported by impregnable evidence.  The first paragraph of an essay also called the introduction plays a very significant role in persuading people to read your essay. It is in the introduction that you establish your authority and command in the topic you are writing about. For the introduction to be successful, it must accomplish the following roles:

Introduce the essay

Here, you need to tell your readers what it is that your essay talks about. The first statement should be designed in a manner that hooks the minds of the reader and tells them what topic you are about to discuss. That is because the first statement sets the tone of our essay and determines whether the readers will continue to read the essay or not. Hence, it should be concise, simple, and with an instant appeal that grasps the attention of the reader.

To hook the readers, the following tips can be helpful:
Use a quote

  • Write a summary of the topic
  • Ask a mind-blowing question
  • Offer some research statistics
  • Offer a breathtaking fact
  • Use an anecdote

Besides, try to be creative and avoid starting your essays with dictionary definitions of terms, generalizations, and clichés. Avoid using the obvious statements that people already know about the topic. Instead, create a hook that promises the readers that your essay takes a different point of view from what they already know.

Offer Relevant Background Information

Background information about the topic helps to drive your readers toward a better understanding of the topic you are discussing.  Here, you need to mention the key issues about the topic of discussion. However, this will rely on the topic of your essay topic. Here are some helpful tips for offering background information:

  • You may mention your key ideas in the order you are going to discuss them throughout the essay
  • Give a brief geographical, social or historical context of your nursing essay topic
  • You may define some key terms
  • Offer a summary of related theories or research findings of the topic

However, avoid giving too many details in the introduction. You can save such details for the in the body of your essay.

To write a piece of complete background information about your topic, consider answering two or three of the following questions:

  • What?
  • When?
  • How?
  • Where?
  • Who?
  • Why

 Present Your Thesis Statement

The thesis statement of your essay is admittedly the most crucial part of your nursing essay writing. The thesis statement must appear in the introduction of your essay. Ideally, the thesis statement is the key claim of your paper or your argument. The thesis statement tells the reader what exactly you intend to say about the topic. In other words, it is a summary of your overall argument in the essay. The thesis statement appears at the end of your essay introduction. Remember, the rest of your essay proves your thesis statement with evidence from your research sources.

To make sure that the rest of your essay is good, we have provided the following tips to write an A+ nursing essay.

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