Best mobile applications for nursing studies

Best mobile applications for nursing students

Online Nursing Help: Best Mobile Apps for nursing Students

It is no doubt that nursing students never stop learning. That is because they are responsible for large volumes of knowledge. The modern Hi-Tech world has fortunately provided some alternative ways to help nursing students have an easy time when studying or revising for their exams. This article provides some of the best mobile applications for nursing students.

With a smartphone and other mobile devices, it is possible to access and use learning materials without having to go to a library through mobile applications. The applications also make it easy for online students to access use materials for their studies. With an overwhelming number of nursing applications, it can be overwhelming for you to choose which mobile app to have in your phone.

“Most of the mobile apps are made to serve a student or an instructor at a different level of their course, students should therefore choose applications that fit their academic level at any given time.” says Professor Joseph of Online Nursing Help.

The following are some of the most helpful mobile applications for nursing students.

  • NCLEX-RN Pocket Prep App

This application is very useful to the nursing students. It is the best application for exam revisions and refresher of your memory. The applications provide over 1,000 revision questions to help you prepare for the coming exams. The application is free for download and tutors can personalize it by creating custom nursing questions.

  • Medication Flashcards

There are several nursing medication flashcards applications available for nursing students. These flashcards provide a one stop access to thousands of drugs. You can use the flashcards to study new types of medications and also remember the drugs they have studied previously in their classes. The free to download applications also categorizes all the drugs in their respective categories and offers basic descriptions to make it easy for learners. Some of the examples of these flashcards applications include NCSBN Medication Flashcards.

  • Voice recorders

With voice recording applications, it is now possible to boost your memory by capturing the lectures and listening to them later. Smart Voice recorder and Lecture Capture are your ideal applications for android and iOS respectively. To capture documents, blackboards, whiteboards as well as diagrams, install Office  Lens Application in your android or iOS device.

  • Homework Planners

You can plan your homework with myHomework Student Planner mobile application. This application helps in tracking all your class assignments and reminds you when each of them is due.  It helps you manage your time to handle all your nursing assignments. You can access the application on Chrome, Android and iOS.  Alternatively, you can download My Study Life and create your timetables and to-do lists to get automatic reminders on your upcoming events, classes and assignments. If you get overwhelmed by your assignments, feel free to ask for online nursing help.

  • Human Anatomy Atlas

This application provides a very nice learning platform for nursing students. With this app, you can access over 3,800 beautiful images of human anatomy. This application also allows three dimension manipulations of the images. Besides, it has built-in-quizzes that will help you to test their memory and knowledge on muscles and bones.

  • Picmonic

Picmonic is another important mobile application for visual nursing and medicine students. This application contains textbooks, courses, body systems and picture quizzes. This application is free for downloading in your android or iOS devices. It also covers over 8,000 topics learned by nursing practitioners in classes and their licensing tests.

  • Nursing Central Mobile App

Students and nursing instructors can use the Nursing Central Mobile Application to access immediate instant details about the nursing course and career. With over 5,000 trade names and generic drugs and over 65, 000 medical definitions, you can use the application to make very useful notes for their studies.


Mobile applications come with many advantages for nursing students. The applications help students access very useful and relevant materials for your course,  improve your knowledge, reduce the levels of anxiety and stress and have platforms for medical reference. Furthermore, the applications will boost your confidence.

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